Atypical Preference

I'm not crazy, but if I was crazy, I'd say I'm not crazy... yeah think about that


Race: Deep Water Gnome
Level: 5
Class: Witch


“I CAN SEE THE FUTURE, GOHAN’S THE STRONGEST IN THE UNIVERSE BUT HE DOESN’T DO CRAP”- Atypical Preference talking about Frieza planet 419

Atypical Preference was born in the “unique” litter, a family of Deep Water Gnomes that was born with capabilities above and beyond the abilities of other Deep Water Gnomes. Most Deep Water Gnomes are of a more neutral, but for better or worse, the unique litter are completely and utterly chaotic. This might have been an innate function born inside of all of them or just the eldest sibling setting the trend. Atypical preference is the only female of the bunch, and has a magically inclined gift given to her at birth. She has had the ability to read into the mysteries of the world through harrow. These visions give her valuable insight and knowledge that can be used to her advantage, which give the opportunity lets her make the world around her more unstable. Due to her ability to see visions like a divination spell, she is the only one who could predict Excellent Choice unpredictable actions with 30% accuracy, a full 28.7% higher than anyone else ever.

Atypical has superior intellect and has knowledge of most things that involve or could involve magic and the arcane world. After her siblings started going there separate ways, Atypical Preference stayed behind to perfect her craft. She learned how to use her cards as weapons and spells, accomplishing such feats delivering spells though the cards and be able to throw cards with such lethal force that it could kill a person or even cooler, break chains. She only left the Deep Ocean Trench when the cards said to.

Given a vision of a world filled with unknown magic and peril, see set of on a shuttle, only for it get blown up. While witnessing a huge explosions going on the surface, she got her picture taken while everyone was freaking out, only for her to regain consciousness in an unfamiliar place by herself with no picture. She did however find a large amount of Eridium which she could grab 5 pounds of it and pretend to has intercourse with it for the amusement of herself and the others if it tickled their fancy. She found a group of other survivors and joined up with them. She gave a reading where she could see a man wraped in bandages wandering a desert. The group also set of a missile that seemed to blow up everything in a huge explosion, and that was awesome.

Atypical Preference

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