Frevalin Iceborn

Inquisitor of the Empire, Avatar of Set


“You will either do as I tell you, or you will die.” – Inquisitor Iceborn



Frevalin Iceborn is a Xivilai Warpriest granted the official title Inquisitor and – as of yet – is currently the youngest person in recorded history to have been given the honor. He is an unfeeling, psychopathic man with a fanatical devotion to the tenets of Set, and as such has been rumored to have become an Avatar of Destruction. His most notable contributions to the Empire were during the Crusade of Violence, wherein he earned himself the title ‘Manhunter’ – now the name of his favored weapon – after having reportedly killed more than a hundred thousand Humans during the Siege of Golarion’s three-day blitzkrieg without rest. He is possessed by the Barakian Demon Typhon, supposedly the first of his kind to allow himself to become trapped within a mortal vessel. The two have since achieved Genesis, becoming the above-depicted Avatar of Set.

Frevalin Iceborn

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