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Despite what you may have heard in the galactic inner-circle – be it the gold rush of Eridium or the ancient technology – you’re gonna find out pretty quick that Ashurkepth isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows. Believe it or not, most of the people who go there die – the place is an overgrown wasteland that is INSULTED by your mere presence. Every Set-damned thing that’s not one of your fellow Prospectors is out to kill you and eat what makes you keep ticking. And, sometimes? Even your buddy can’t resist the urge to stab you in the back for that big pay off.

Everyone who steps foot on Ashurkepth’s blood-soaked shores has the same dream of finding the mother lode – that one, massive haul that’ll set them for many lifetimes. Disappointment is everywhere. To many, adventuring had been romanticized by remembered tales of older days before technologies began overtaking civilization. Harsh realities set in quickly despite the desperate land-grab that netted the Empire nearly 10% of the planet’s surface (no accounting for the oceans, mind) and established more than twenty colonies of prefabricated structures. Despite their advanced technologies that could produce and ship mass amounts of food, despite their weapons that could level entire cities and raze the surfaces of planets to glass…

Ashurkepth beat them. Ashurkepth beat all of them.

When the Clockworks started pouring out of ruins on the planet’s surface, the Empire attempted to glass a small peninsula which they thought was the source of the ‘invasion’ – though correct, the use of an Eridium-based weapon covering such a large area with raw, arcane power caused a massive backlash from the environment itself. Creatures began mutating uncontrollably, becoming savage monsters that were all but immune to Eridium-based weaponry and, in fact, fed off of it, a phenomenon which – when studied – led to the discovery of the Hathor Particle and Hathor Radiation.

So what do you do when your weapons make the creepy-crawlies stronger and hungrier? You sign in to effect a new law that bans the use of Eridium-based technology on Ashurkepth’s surface, erect walls around your settlements, and start doing your damnedest to live off the land while constantly chasing the dragon, grasping at the smoke trail of an unattainable dream. But, like everyone else before you, you figure you’re different, you figure that you’ll beat the odds and strike it big despite the worst that this Hellscape can throw at you.

You’re wrong. You’ll try, and you’ll die, because Ashurkepth – like Set – doesn’t give a damn about you or your aspirations.

Main Page

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