Ashurkepth, a Pathfinder Campaign Setting

Things like Spelljammer and Shadowrun are some of the biggest inspirations for Ashurkepth, with a healthy dose of dystopian space-fantasy thrown in for good measure (ala Borderlands). The setting is mostly incomplete so far, but currently has enough presentable material to be playable. This is where I will be compiling the setting’s many additions to the Pathfinder system, as well as as much lore as I can bring myself to keyboard-mash in to text.

Before you go any further, just know this; the setting is very grim, very dark, and very evil. The general character alignment is Neutral Evil, with a healthy understanding that some sort of functionality as a group is required for survival, though PVP can (and usually is) a big part of the setting itself. Not killing each other per-se (though that can and often does happen), but more along the lines of screwing each other over in subtle (or not-so-subtle) ways to get the better part of a deal or pile of loot. Think Munchkin, but without the cards, and you DO actually have a goal you want to work towards as a group. Just remember that, as Prospectors, greed will be your primary motivator.


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