Rory "Sugar Momma" Gilless


Class: Elementalist
Level: 5
Race: Suli


Rory Gilless (a.k.a. Sugar Momma) is a strong young woman who knows what she wants out of life. Her lifestyle has always been to never give up and never shut out an opportunity. These goals together have made her a brave and daring adventurer. When she found an opportunity to prospect and strike it rich on Ashurkepth, she couldn’t decline. When she arrived, however, it wasn’t long before she understood why nobody had yet to make a killing there; all the actual killing.

Not long into her stay, she was hired by a tiefling known as Cress T. McGuinness, a doctor who had plans to open up his own office of operation, and wanted Rory to be his bodyguard. Excited to finally be making both a profit and a friend, Rory took up the job immediately. With the clinic open for business, Rory took it upon herself to take on the role as bodyguard and nurse (when the doctor needs anything he’s too busy to get himself).

Rory uses her prized and powerful sansetsukon she named the “Thunder Sticks”. For range, she is also in possession of a rare (and more powerful than average) force pistol, which she has yet to use. Her lightning powers from being a Suli also come into play when she’s smashing enemies like they’re made of glass.

Rory "Sugar Momma" Gilless

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