A Mutator represents the strength of a Warpriest‘s bond with their Demon, manifesting as supernatural abilities which enhance a Warpriest’s combat ability in a variety of unique ways which fulfill a wide array of purposes on the battlefield. All Mutators only come in to effect once a Warpriest activates their Possession Class Feature, and end when the Possession ends.


A Barakian represents physical might and violence – carnage is in their nature, and it is what they embody. A Warpriest who is Possessed by a Barakian exhibits violent tendencies which stems quickly in to outright psychopathy more often than not. They deal death without much discrimination between friend and foe, rending all equally in the name of their evil God.

Black Claws

A secretion of black evil seeps from your pores, melding in to a pair of long, oily appendages ending in fingers the shape of scythe blades. These additional arms lack the physical dexterity to grab and manipulate items, but are more than capable of striking with their Claws using the Warpriest’s full BAB and STR Mod to determine to-hit and damage. A Medium Warpriest’s Black Claws deal 1d6 damage, a Small Warpriest’s deal 1d4, and a Large Warpriest’s deal 1d8. These Claws are Natural Attacks and are considered to be Primary Attacks and can be used in addition to the Warpriest’s other attacks as part of a Full Attack Action, but cannot be made if only a Standard Action or Free Action is used to make an attack roll. At 6th Level, the Black Claws are considered Magic for the purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction. At 9th, they are considered +1 and Evil. At 12th, +2, Evil, and they are considered to be Adamantine for the purposes of overcoming the Hardness / DR of objects or constructs. At 15th, +3, Evil, Adamantine for overcoming Hardness / DR, and are now Chaotic-aligned. At 18th, they are +4, Chaotic Evil, and Adamantine. At 20th, they are considered +5, Chaotic Evil, Adamantine, and deal 1 CON damage on each successful hit. You may only take this Mutator at 3rd level.


A Barakian relishes in violence and gore – the only way to ensure this is to actually be able to land hits on your victims. Your swordarm has been flooded with a vile black ichor, forcing it to bulge and mutate grotesquely – oddly, the growths seem to have granted you more flexibility. The result is that you gain a bonus on melee attack rolls equal to 1/2 your Warpriest level while under the effects of a Possession. At 6th level, Violence also grants a +1 bonus on melee damage rolls, increasing by +1 every 2 levels thereafter to a maximum of +8 at 18th level. You may only take this Mutator at 3rd level.

Rip and Tear

The attacks of a Barakian are relentless, making use of all four of their massive arms to carve swathes through their enemies. When you take this Mutator, your forearms, hands, and any held weapons sprout tiny black spines. Whenever you successfully hit with 2 or more melee attacks as part of a Full Attack action, you deal an addition amount of Bleed damage equal to 1/2 your Warpriest level. At 9th level, and every 3 levels thereafter, you deal an additional +2 Bleed, to a maximum of an additional +8 at 18th level. You may only take this Mutator at 6th level.


The Baraki make use of their natural ethereal abilities to phase through hard structures – and even cover – in order to attack their victims from odd angles and deny them protection. When you take this Mutator, your body becomes surrounded in a putrid red mist, your skin and any worn equipment appearing somewhat translucent. For the duration of your Possession, whenever you successfully hit with a melee attack, you may move up to 10 feet as a Swift Action that does not provoke Attacks of Opportunity and – if moving in this way would place you within melee attack reach of an enemy that did not trigger your Shadowstep this round – you may make a Bull Rush combat maneuver attempt as an Attack of Opportunity, and the target is denied their DEX Mod (if any) to their CMD. You do not provoke an Attack of Opportunity while using this ability. At 9th level, if the Bull Rush succeeds, you may deal your weapon damage to the target, +5 for every 5 feet the target is pushed. Additionally, starting at 12th level, the Warpriest adds their WIS Mod to their CMB for Bull Rushing as part of Shadowstep. You may only take this Mutator at 6th level.

Bloody Glare

A Barakian Demon is a vindictive spirit, retribution often coming immediately, with great prejudice, and a look that can scare the soul out of your skin. Once per day, you may designate one enemy in sight as the target of your Bloody Glare. This enemy is considered Flat Footed to you only, and you receive a bonus to Attack and Damage rolls made against them equal to 1/2 your Warpriest level +1. This bonus increases to +2 at 12th level, to a maximum of +5 at 20th level. Furthermore, at 12th level, you gain 1 additional use of this ability per day and every three levels thereafter, to a maximum of 5/day at 20th level. You may only take this Mutator at 9th level.


As stated above, the ability to move through solid objects is a staple of the Barakian combat doctrine. Some Baraki who are particularly adept at making use of their ability can use it to move through people as well as walls or other objects. While under the effects of your Possession, you can move through occupied squares, difficult terrain, or solid objects at half speed without provoking Attacks of Opportunity from those occupied squares. This ability can be used as part of any Move or Move-equivalent action, but your movement cannot end in a square occupied by a threatening target. If your Possession ends while you are in the square of an object, you are immediately displaced to the nearest unoccupied space and are Stunned for 1 round.

Advanced Darkness

A Barakian’s natural inclination towards striking while unseen includes ambushing from the shadows. You may cast a globe of Deeper Darkness once per day that covers a 10ft. radius, increasing by +5ft. every 3 Levels to a maximum of 30ft. at 20th level. Also, starting at 12th level, while in Darkness (magical or otherwise), the Possessed Warpriest inflicts 1 additional die of weapon damage, to a maximum of 5 dice at 20th level – these dice are unaffected by other abilities that multiply dice on an attack roll (such as Vital Strike). You may only take this Mutator at 9th level.

Titanic Grasp

Your dominant hand becomes engulfed in vile ichor, flooded to the point of grotesque overgrowth. Your fingers fuse together in to two long, scythe-like talons with serrated thumbs, giving you a strength of grip beyond that of any mortal creature. While Possessed, you may wield two-handed Melee weapons with only your Main Hand at no penalty, but you only apply 1/2 your STR Mod, rounded down. At 15th level, you may apply your full STR Mod. At 18th level, you may apply 1 1/2 STR Mod as if you were wielding the weapon with both hands. At 20th level, you apply your STR Mod twice. You may only take this Mutator at 12th level.

Channel Ruin

Ruin is a form of energy that is, in itself, a lack of energy. It is not the decay of energy – unlike Negative Energy, Ruin does not represent entropy. Ruin represents the ultimate end, the absolute destruction of everything. Ruin is what is left when the earth has become so scorched that there is no earth left. Ruin is the idea of total emptiness; there is no entropy, because even the very idea of entropy has died. In that Ruin itself represents the ultimate end of everything, the fact that it in itself has become a harnessable form of energy has been regarded as a paradox – no one can deny, however, that exceptionally powerful Warpriests have been known to use it to cause destruction on incredible scales. As a Swift Action, you can Channel this paradoxical idea in to fruition four times per day, using your body as its epicenter; all creatures within 15ft. of the Warpriest take 5d8 Ruin damage (Ruin damage does not offer any save or Spell Resistance. Creatures immune to Energy damage still take Ruin damage. Ruin damage cannot be lowered or negated in any way). At 15th level, this damage is increased to 5d10. At 18th level, the Warpriest adds their WIS Mod to the damage dealt by Channel Ruin. At 20th level, the damage increases to 5d12+WIS Mod. You may only take this Mutator at 12th level.


Destroy everything in the name of Set – this is the true purpose of a Barakian’s existence, and oh how you relish in delivering death to anyone or anything that would dare be alive in your presence! Whenever one of your melee attacks would stagger, knock unconscious, OR outright kill their target – all as a result of Hit Point damage – you gain a +2 bonus to Attack and Damage rolls until the end of the next round. This bonus to Attack and Damage may stack with itself an infinite number of times, and its duration refreshes with each kill made before the end of the round after the previous kill. At 18th level, this bonus increases to +4 per kill, then to +6 per kill at 20th level. You may only take this Mutator at 15th level.

Abyssal Infusion

The strength of the divine can be used to inflict incredible slaughter upon the weak. Harnessing the power of Set’s gifts can manifest in a variety of spell-like form, but none are more enticing to the Barakian than enchantments to weaponry. While Possessed, the Warpriest may choose to imbue their weapon(s) with Weapon Enchantments up to a +3 Enhancement Bonus. These Enchantments persist only so long as the Warpriest is Possessed, and end whenever the Warpriest’s Possession would end. Enhancement Bonuses granted to Magical weapon(s) stack with any Enhancement Bonuses already present on the weapon(s). When applying these Bonuses to multiple weapons, these Bonuses must be split evenly among all weapons to be enhanced; e.g., if you were to be wielding two weapons – one in either hand – you could apply a +2 bonus to one, and a +1 bonus to the other, and vice-versa, or apply a combination of effects and Enhancement Bonuses to either weapon (such as a +1 Eh. Bonus to one, and a +1 Eh. Bonus and Flaming to another). At 18th level, this increases to a +5 Bonus. At 20th level, this increases to a +7 Bonus. You may only take this Mutator at 15th level.


Ifnion demons are vile to behold, much less be Possessed by. To let one of these in to yourself is to curse yourself with a truly sickened spirit, a soul oozing puss through your veins and the most horrid acidic bile from your orifices. A Warpriest Possessed by an Ifnion finds comfort in decay and the approach of the end, laughing in wicked glee as their victims languish from their mere presence. To defile and corrupt is their primary goal, a task to which they see with admirable – if not psychotically obsessive – gusto.


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