God of Chaos, Destruction, War, Death, and the Void

Set (or Seth, Sett, Setti) is a Chaotic Evil God that claims to have existed long before this universe was created, as much of his domain encompasses the concept of nothing (though, as argued by the Zill, nothing from something) and that all things eventually become nothing. His doctrine is one of war and tyranny by all means, experiencing much of everything to its fullest while simultaneously taking life in great swathes and destroying without reason. It is largely agreed that Set was the cause of the Divine Conflict which resulted in the near-total destruction of the galaxy and all species that reside within it. That the Xivilai survived, and in such great numbers, led them to believe they were Set’s chosen people and instigated widespread worship of the evil deity.

300px-Artorias_Render.png Set’s avatar is often depicted as a knight in ancient, rusted armor, wielding a large sword that appears to be broken. It is essentially a suit of armor that is possessed by a spirit of hate and war, becoming a figure known as the Avatar of Destruction, the divine herald of Set’s wrath that, by dogma, is supposedly unkillable.

The avatar’s form represents the all-encompassing decay that comes from war and death, a gradual fade in to a state of nothing that only blind destruction can bring. The thing is a completely indiscriminate killer, cleaving through friend and foe alike with great swings of its enormous, serrated weapon. It is possible for a living being to become an Avatar of Destruction, but only through grisly rituals and a life-long devotion to the violent tenets of Set – a feat that only one man has supposedly achieved.


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