The Galaxy


The galaxy, sometimes referred to as The Wedjat, is where everything takes place. This is the morally forsaken realm the planet Ashurkepth resides in, where the Xivilain Empire stakes its claim. It is a spiral galaxy not much unlike the real-world Milky Way, with many branching ‘arms’ circling a supermassive black hole at its center like the spokes of a wheel from an axle. While once it was aglow with many stars, the vast majority have since died out due to the destruction of Sarenrae, with what few suns remain under the Empire’s direct control kept alive through science and armies of Eridium-empowered Druids. Most life-bearing planets in the galaxy must also be maintained in this way ever since the death of Gozreh, either through atmospheric projectors coupled with Decanters of Endless Air, or the direct intervention of Druid batteries to keep the environment alive and stable.

The dominant species in the galaxy are the Xivilai, beautiful, hermaphroditic, and morall bankrupt – they hail from the paradise-planet Arcadia. Below them are the Duergar, a species of albino Dwarves native to the subterranean mountain ranges of Urban. Xivilain Goblins, the engineered servants of the Xivilai, rank next, with Deepwater Gnomes – native to the water-dominated planet of Kess – at fourth. Halflings and Humans now rank generally the same, whereas Orcs, Shield Dwarves, Fey Gnomes, and High Elves are all extinct, having been wiped out during The Crusade of Violence. Other species have made their home in the Empire as well, some – such as the Zill of the Zarkesh Consortium – hailing from whole other galaxies altogether.

Recent advances in technology and magical study have allowed all species in the galaxy to become space faring regardless of prior isolation, with most sections of the galaxy having been explored and settled by the Empire. Luxuries are widely available and cheap, though necessities are exceptionally difficult to come by for anyone who is not among the ‘favored’ species. Prejudice runs rampant in all facets of society within the Empire, with religion heavily influencing politics and public opinion. Crime is everywhere and encouraged as an outlet for chaos, though if convicted punishment is perverse and inhumane. Corruption still runs rampant despite the gamble, as a well-paid cop or a kidnapped family member can have tongues wagged and strings pulled in your favor. Not everyone gets their comeuppance in the Empire. It’s not fair, but that’s life.

The Galaxy

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